What to Look for in Storage Space for Rent

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Every individual needs storage space for rent at some time or the other. Whether it relates to expanding your business or simply storing your precious items, you need additional space facility whenever you are out of options to house these items. However, it is necessary to find the best self storage company within your easy vicinity. Failing to do so can invite various problems. Moreover, you do not want to get tangled in a situation where you are unable to access your belongings. In order to avoid such a situation, it is handy to take into account important factors before choosing any self storage company.

the best storage space for rent

Things to consider while looking for a storage company

Expense – Expense is one of the vital factors to take into account while searching for storage space for rent. The bigger the unit, the more costly it will be. If you intend to store small items, you will need a smaller unit and vice-versa. On the other hand, if you wish to store your items for quite a while, you will need to consider obscure locations as it will offer economic rental charges.

Access and location – Find out what are the access hours of the unit; getting a relevant answer to this question is very important while renting a storage unit. Any person wants to rent a storage facility to access his stuff as per his requirements and convenience. There is no point in considering a unit that does not offer easy and convenient access. Similarly, make sure that the storage unit is located close to your residential or work place so that you can visit the unit quickly and access your belongings as desired.

Discounts – Many companies run discounts and promotional offers to counter stiff competition and win new clients. Try to find out companies that offer coupon codes and tap the benefit of this opportunity. You may explore offline (newspapers and hoardings) as well as online sources (deals and offers website) to find out promotional offers. In this way, you will be able to avail storage space for rent that is pretty cost effective.

Privacy – One of the important aspects of self storage is the amount of privacy it offers. Many companies provide you with only one key which must be used by you and nobody else. Make sure you do not break their privacy agreement; otherwise they will access your storage unit and you won’t be allowed privacy any longer.

Security – Obviously, you intend to store your belongings and other stuff in a safe and secure place. It doesn’t make any sense in renting a storage facility that does not provide safety and security to items stored inside the unit. So, take time to assess the security provided by the storage company. A company that offers security camera, indoor alarm and top class locking system is worth renting than others.

Climate control – Many folks overlook the importance of controlled climatic conditions while renting a unit. These individuals fail to realize that ensuring favorable climatic conditions within the unit is essential to make certain that your items are not damaged. The same holds true in the case of items such as antique pieces or furniture items that are susceptible to moisture and mold growth. So, be sure that the company is offering climate-controlled units.

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Considering all these aspects in great detail is essential to enjoy quality a storage facility. Now that you know what to look for in a quality storage unit, it’s time to select an ideal company to gain access to a handy storage facility. Finding such a company might be a bit daunting task given that there are various companies that rent storage space.

Finding an ideal company for renting storage space

Make a list of reliable storage companies that offer all these facilities after making a thorough enquiry offline and online. Read reviews about these storage companies to make a well informed choice. On the basis of ratings and opinions on review sites, obtain quotation from storage services that are highly endorsed and recommended by earlier customers. Now compare their charges as well as their renting terms before settling with any storage company. After making in-depth evaluation, choose the best company that provides storage space for rent at economical monthly charges.

You Always have More Storage Space Than You Know

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the best storage space for rent

My friend Katy is always moving to a bigger place. When she is not moving, she is looking for a bigger place to move into. You may be thinking that Katy lives in a shoe box and that she is completely justified in moving. She is not. Katy loves large open spaces more than anyone I know. She has an entire room dedicated to a single chair and desk. It is her reading sanctuary. She does not like clutter so her whole house is cataloged and space assigned to everything. Even her laptop has a corner that it does not leave. Not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy all this space so we make do with what we have and make it enough for storage space.

Moving box

A while ago I came home and I wanted to leave immediately. My house was like a jungle full of stuff and I couldn’t find anything. I decided to dedicate a whole weekend to organizing everything. I love reading so my books can make my place look messy. I began with my books. As much as we like to fool ourselves that we can read 3 books at the same time we know it is impossible. I wanted to put away my books but still leave them accessible without getting any new furniture. A friend who works with wood helped me put up a stack of shelves against one bare wall. He did this top to bottom and wasted no inch. Soon my books, magazines and news papers were out of my way and the shelves left a little space for some ornaments.

With my living room almost clutter free, I moved to my kitchen. I compartmentalized everything, (just like Katy does). I made sure that I only left out the things I used often. These were all neatly placed on a tray on my counter. The dishes now had plenty of room and I had a lot of room to prepare my meals. I also threw out all my old empty containers to be recycled.


My bedroom was not as easy to arrange as I had hoped it to be. I started with my dressing table. My dressing table has this beautiful mirror that I could barely see. There was so much on my table that some stuff was stacked. I decided to check its drawer and to my surprise it was almost empty. I quickly stuffed it with jewelry especially some pieces that I hadn’t worn in ages. I also discovered a lot of expired make up that I threw out. My dressing table was left with just the bare minimum and I got back my lovely mirror. My wardrobe was my next challenge. The hangers were bursting with clothes. No wonder nothing ever stayed crease free. I had no choice but to borrow some more organizing habits from Katy. I took everything out and placed them on my bed. Then I sorted them according to top or bottom. That was the hard part. Putting everything back took longer. After putting back my blouses and shirts my skirts and trousers took surprisingly little space. It looked impressive until I discovered a pile of jackets, handbags and even sheets and blankets still on my bed.


For my wardrobe to stay neat with my clothes easily accessible I had to keep those items out. After seeking for a solution everywhere I accepted that I had to get a big chest and a coat rack and a big chest. While I put shopping for the chest and rack at the back of my mind, I stuffed all my bed sheets into the drawers under my bed. My shoe rack was quickly organized and soon my bedroom looked and felt like a warm inviting haven. The only thing I needed to put in storage was an old motor bike that I no longer use. When I saw how good my place looked, I got rid of some old furniture that took too much space. The following week I applied the same tips to my desk. It turns out that most of the files I had belonged in the archives!

Storage Space for Rent is the Deal Storage Solution

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Storage space rental is an amazing way to store extra things in case you don’t have enough room at home. Besides that people search for space for rent when moving to a smaller home and to store things for future usage. Whatever reasons you may have, a space unit can certainly help provide you more space around the house and store things you may over the long run require.

Storage Space for Rent

Who hasn’t heard stories of hardship of lack of space where possessions must be given or discarded just to make room? Everyone complains of not having enough space to store ever-accumulating possessions since houses have become smaller. But there’s a solution, one which has been around for the past 60 odd years or something like that: storage space for rent.


Storage units are the response to every homeowner’s space inconveniences. They vary in size for small containers of just a couple of feet to large rooms capable of housing double beds, closets and couches at the same time. Some are large enough cars!

They offer attractive features and services

The units are available on a monthly rental. You pay for the space you require and the term you need it for. When you no longer have any use for it, you take your belongings and clear out.. It’s as straightforward that. To make the arrangement even sweeter, there are services you can avail to make moving your things and taking them home simpler. Most storage unit centers also have moving facilities so vehicles can be hired to transport belongings. People unable to load and unload them can ask for a few pairs of strong hands to help.

Capacity to store virtually anything

Property owners are the main clients who benefit from self storage; businesses are regular clients. Offices too lease storage space. Depending on what needs to be stored – sensitive electronics, for example may be stored in climate controlled units where temperature and humidity are kept at ideal levels. The rental is more but a lot less than one would have to pay for damages.

Secure as anyone might imagine

Security concerns are normal in most circumstances as things no matter whose: are valuable and customers need assurance that theirs will remain securely put away. To alleviate these concerns, storage centers put in place enough security to stop criminals. CCTVs are mounted at strategic areas, security personnel are hired and alarm systems are installed. High-tech centers even make use of biometrics to guarantee only clients have access to their units.

Since a lot can go wrong in any setting – fires, earthquakes and other, storage companies have insurance you can avail if your current policy doesn’t cover possessions outside your home. Most times, though, calamities don’t occur so your things are safe.

Disturbing signs to look for when selecting a storage unit

Pile of boxes junk inside a residential garage.

To get the most out of self storage, do your research and keep an eye on the place. Are there signs of mold, dirt or puddles of water? Is it in a high crime area? What’s the atmosphere like in the vicinity? All these can influence the security of your assets and it’s your obligation to verify they don’t. While insurance will cover a large amount of the expense of damages it isn’t just the money: a few tangibles indispensible and maybe they’d be better off in your home.

Lifestyle changes, retirements and deaths are just common changes we experience. This leaves us making big decisions like moving house or taking a long vacation. If we choose to get rid of our belongings, no problem, but if we don’t, there must be a place we can store everything securely. Self storage offers this which is why you should seriously consider renting a unit for things you can’t part with just yet.

You might as well likewise search for storage space for rent that could be gained entrance to effectively. Ideally pick a 24/7 right to gain entrance so you can get whatever you require from your space unit. The cost of renting space units is likewise imperative. The unit should be well assessed. Don’t settle on your first pick. Try to research for other space units in your vicinity and choose the most profitable and best.

Qualities of Great Storage Space That Create Serve as a Second Home For Your Items

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Normally, people opt to store their extra belongings somewhere around the house where they can gain quick access to it when need arises. However, there comes a time when the four walls of your house can no longer accommodate all your extra belongings. When it comes to this, one is advised to consider out doors storage space. There are a lot of storage facilities in Singapore that one can choose from. Take some time off of your busy schedule to personally check the spaces out. Pictures and images off of the Internet might create a false impression. You can get ideas and locations online but ensure that you personally go the location before settling. There are a few factors that one should consider when shopping for a storage space.

Moving boxes on stairs of new house, outdoors

1. Size of the Unit

It is always wise to consider the size of the storage units. Ask yourself questions like, ‘will it fit all my belongings?’, ‘Is there more room in case I want to bring in more items?’ There is absolutely no need to hire a storage space that won’t accommodate all your belongings. While on this, get a facility that has storage spaces that have high ceilings. This will come in handy when you’re bringing in large furniture that go high up. Storing things horizontally saves more space than storing them vertically.

2. Access Convenience

Gaining access to your storage space should not be hectic at all. Get one that is close to your proximity whereby you do not have to travel for hours to gain access. While at it, go for a unit that has allows you to drive up to its door. This will be of great convenience to you especially when you’re bring in large pieces into the space. It will spare you the need to hire extra help to carry the luggage from the parking lot into the unit.

3. Level of Security

One of the most important things that you should consider in storage units in security. You need to rest assured that all your stored merchandise is safe guarded without your need to check in every now and then. In this case, go for a facility that has security measures such as coded entry, camera surveillance, secure elevators and security guards all around. This tightens security and reduces chances of your unit being broken into. It would also be of added advantage to hire a storage unit that has its own alarm system installed.

4. Security Checks

Different storage facilities have varying measures. Always go for one that has your best interest at heart. In this case choose a storage facility that routinely checks up on the storage spaces for pests infestations, water damage, leaks as well as other problems. It would be disappointing to find your belongings long destroyed and no one noticed.

5. Safety Measures Installation

Sometimes natural disasters as well as other destructive issues such as fires caused by electrical faults occur. The storage facility should have some level of safety precautions taken. Smoke alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers should all be available in case something goes wrong.

6.Background check

Before settling for any storage space, you need to do a thorough background check. Some people just go into this kind of business for money while others genuinely want to help out in the storage of people’s items. Always go for the latter after verifying their authenticity. Ask for former clients feedback and reviews. Check whether there ever has been cases of break ins, damage of stored items, missing items or even misconduct from the staff to the clients. This will give you a preview of the kind of services you are about to get.

7. Access to Services

You need to understand their hours of operation. This will tell you when you can access your unit, when you can speak to the manager, when you can bring items over to the facility or even when you can get customer service.

8. Cost of Services

The unit should be fairly priced depending on its size and location. Other features that might influence the cost is security measures installed, discounts and offers. Be on the look out for hidden charges as well.

The storage space that you decide to go for should work for you on your own terms. In order to settle for the best in your local area, perform a one on one survey and find out what others think about it.

The Ultimate Self Storage Technology Facility Services

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Self-storage services are becoming very popular nowadays. These services provide their clients self-storage units that feature a number of security measures. Self storage technology business is not only about maintaining competitive rates and multiplying the quantity of users. It’s over just attracting the customers in the interests of profit. As a way to successfully run a small business, the basic principles aren’t ignored in virtually any way. Proper security and safety are the two most important components to any facility.


The main feature that is present in almost every self-storage facility is a good CCTV camera monitoring system. The cameras are usually kept on and monitored twenty-four hours a day. Additionally, intercom system may also be used. Some facilities that store extremely valuable items may even use concrete walls or electric fencing to avoid potential thefts. Besides general alarm systems, storage facilities may incorporate fire and smoke alarms, but in most cases, smoking on site is often prohibited and such measures are not needed.

Additionally, some self storage technology business make use of infrared motion detectors in each storage unit for enhanced security. Make sure you select a storage facility Greenfield that has all the important security measures in place and in working condition. Before selecting a place discuss the security system that is going to be provided to you with the management. After all, the safety of your belongings should be of utmost importance to you.