Licensed Moneylender in Singapore - Cash Loan, Payday Loan & Business Loan

#1 Singapore Licensed Money Lender

It’s no big secret that the cost of living is going up all over Asia, especially here in Singapore, one of the most expensive cities in the world.  From time to time, whether you live in Bukit Timah or Bishan, there will be times when some extra financing is needed through a personal loan or a payday loan from a licensed money lender.

You never know when those extra expenses are going to hit your pocketbook.  Unfortunately, sometimes there’s just not enough cash to cover a situation like:

  • Maybe your home or automobile is in need of repairs
  • Perhaps you need money to pay for an educational course or a medical emergency
  • Or you need a personal loan from a moneylender to buy that new car
  • Or maybe you just need a little extra cash to tide you over until your next pay day

It’s not always so simple to get the money that you need.  And many money lenders who specialize in personal and payday loans, aren’t always helpful when it comes to assisting their clients.  They may try to get you to sign an extremely complicated contract without clarifying the terms first.  Their personal loan or payday loan application processes may take too long. Or they may try to force you into terms and conditions that  make you uncomfortable. 

No matter if it’s a personal loan or a payday loan, when you enter into a loan agreement with a Singapore moneylender, you need to exercise caution.  A contract that you agree to could have legal impacts in Singapore in terms of the money that you borrow from the  moneylender.  So you must take extra care in selecting your money lender. 

Take some time to shop around for the money lender who will offer you cash on flexible terms, as well as point-by-point guidance on how to go about getting your personal loan or payday loan.  When you do business with a reputable Singapore moneylender, you should have peace of mind that there are no hidden clauses in your personal loan or payday loan contract. 

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